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The Kills - Satellite

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2011-03-28

Jack White is a fickle musical beast. Last month we heard The Whites Stripes had, finally, officially split. Now it looks like, having knocked out a couple of decent albums with The Dead Weather, he's apparently grown bored of the blues-rock outfit he formed with Allison Mosshart and wandered off to make music with Danger Mouse and Norah Jones instead. Which leaves Mosshart free to revive The Kills with Mr Kate Moss, Jamie Hince.

So what do we get with 'Satellite'? Nothing special, really. This slouching, resolutely underachieving blues rock is highly unlikely to make the world stand up and pay attention, even the bits of it which think wearing all black and looking like you haven't had a decent meal in years is still the coolest look ever. Mosshart seems to have abandoned the appealing witch-woman persona she adopted in The Dead Weather, retreating instead to dead-eyed nonchalance. The frisson she enjoyed with White is sorely missed. Some good 'whoa-oh-ohs' crop up near the end but, otherwise, this is merely underwhelming.

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