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Elephant - Ants

by Richard Howard Rating:7 Release Date:2011-01-16

'Ants' is the new single from London duo Elephant, a gentle electro-pop tune which saunters along in a dreamlike world. Soaring keyboards are accompanied by buzzing guitars in the background as the vocals of Amelia Rivas softly enhance the track. The other half of Elephant is guitarist Christian Pinchbeck, also responsible for production of the track which is enveloped with rich sounds.

The song has a nostalgic feel of brighter times as it tries to drag you out of reality and into the wistful and hazy paradise of yesteryear: "Take me away to the shore/ Show me how it was before." A slow but solid tempo means the song never reaches a crescendo as such but still manages to keep your interest.

B-side, Wolf Cry, has a minimalist feel, as the haunting vocals steal the show, with only a background of synths adding to the sound. Elephant create interesting music and on the basis of this offering no doubt their live show would be filled with kookiness and would be worth catching.

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Elephant - Ants - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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