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Joan as Policewoman - The Magic

by Amy Baker Rating:9 Release Date:2011-01-17

Singer-songwriter Joan Wasser describes her new single 'The Magic' as being "about how crazy your head can get when you begin worrying about the future, about the past, about not getting what you want or not getting enough of it... and once that worry starts it can turn into some serious psychic bad trip", and after a couple of listens you can see exactly what she is talking about.

The intelligent lyrics are delivered in her sultry, mesmerising voice over an infectious keyboard riff that makes this track slightly more poppy than her previous songs and the result is thoroughly enjoyable and improves with every listen. The soulful and bluesy beat compliments her voice perfectly and after listening to the track a few times you begin to notice its many different levels - thoughtful, interesting lyrics and a catchy beat. All the right ingredients for an incredible first single from her new album, The Deep Field.

Wasser has an impressive career behind her, having sung with and played violin for the likes of Rufus Wainwright and Antony and the Johnsons. She was also the girlfriend of music legend Jeff Buckley until his untimely demise. After listening to this track, i immediately downloaded her previous albums, Real Life and To Survive, and can safely say that they are set to be listed among my 'most played' list on iTunes. Joan as Policewoman is a truly unique talent and I'd highly recommend this track.

Catch her on tour in the UK next month.

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