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The Drums - Let's Go Surfing

by Matt Johnson Rating:9 Release Date:2010-08-09

Introduced to me by my nephew, The Drums are definitely a 'marmite' band. They are either loved or hated. The cult band originally released 'Let's Go Surfing' on the Summertime EP back in 2009, but the single was re-released in 2010 where it climbed to almost twice as high a place in the charts. At a first listen, the song has all the ingredients for a recipe of disaster. The bassline is a two second loop that sounds like a swarm of bees and the vocals include many of the cringe-worthy, atrocious pop music taboo words such as 'honey' and 'baby'. The lyrics contain little metaphor and slowly do you realise that it really is a song about adolescent love and the desire to surf. So why do I, (among many people) love this song?

The Drums know who they are, and don't take themselves too seriously. With this comes the simplistic honesty that shines in all their music and gives a constant reminder that we all need to pick up our surfboards every once in a while and chill out like children. It's also a song that gets stuck in your head and makes you happy throughout the day. You find yourself unconsciously singing or humming the lyrics as you rent a book from the library or stand in the queue at the supermarket, while people with no knowledge of teenage love or surfing stare at you awkwardly. As you watch the news; Lady Gaga's new single... I wanna go surfing!... released today... I don't care about nothing!... Or as you attempt to go to sleep; one surfboard, two surfboards...

Reminiscent of The Beach Boys, The Drums offer the chance for listeners to travel back to the emergence of pop music in the early 60s, where music was honest and didn't suffer from today's hopeless paradigm of attempting to be new or alternative. Enjoy 'Let's Go Surfing' for exactly what it is and perhaps for one day out of seven, we can all find the time to remember our blissfully ignorant teenage years and take a run down to the beach, down by the rollercoasters. Possibly even catch some surf.

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