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Badly Drawn Boy - I Saw You Walk Away

by Dan Clay Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-01-17

Damon Gough returns with one of the more upbeat tracks from his recent release It's What I'm Thinking. '

' sees the Badly Drawn Boy in poppy but reflective mood as warm strings and lush guitar combine in a sort of Cherry Ghost mash. Though slightly lounge-sounding, there's enough to suggest Gough's ear for a melody is still strong despite the recognisable lack of what would have been a welcome tone-changing chorus. Soul for the soul? Possibly, but it's well drawn.

The single is also available in the form of a five-track live EP featuring the never released 'Don't Go Far' and a duet version of 'Time of TImes' featuring Damon's daughter Edi.

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