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Fujiya & Miyagi - YoYo

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2011-01-10

It's good to have Fujiya & Miyagi back, one of the most inventive but under-rated British bands around right now. However, 'YoYo', from forthcoming album Ventriloquizzing, is not their most interesting moment. Like Hot Chip at their most stonerific with some doomy Portishead/Silver Apples bleeps and pulses mixed in, it keeps it's sugar-coated air of menace on the down-low before screeching, white-noise spewing machines arrive to corrode the body of the song from the inside. After a few listens the song's charms become apparent, and the video featuring UK yoyo champion Luke Roberts is very entertaining, but you can't help suspecting that for Fujiya & Miyagi 'YoYo' constitutes an easy day's work.

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