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Suddenly Sunshine - Summer Days

by Paul Downey Rating:9.5 Release Date:2010-11-15

The new EP from aptly named Suddenly Sunshine is a delightfully simple affair. Don't get me wrong nothing on this EP will blow you away, but the songs are straight-forward, the melodies and vocals are harmonious and hit the right side of radio friendly.

Opener and lead track 'Summer Days', is an acoustic strum which builds to an uplifting yarn which even sneaks in some trumpets and succeeds effortlessly. 'Spanish Mermaid' continues the dreamy, easy listening, almost ambient sound, this time the lead vocals are female and the duo manage to swap in between tracks and their voices blend quite well together.

'Lonely Planet' has a Beach Boys circa 'Feel Flows' feel, as it's quite easy to listen to, and almost hypnotic in its rhythms. The final track is Isan's remix of 'Summer Days' which seems destined for a chillout or ambient compilation within 2011; its so relaxed that its flat on its back, and has been for some time. So if delicious melodies and simple songs are your bag, Suddenly Sunshine could brighten many a day come 2011.

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