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The Drums - Me and the Moon

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-12-09

How many singles is this from The Drums' debut now? It getting a bit hard to keep track since they all sound basically the same: drums crashing forwards like a startled foal, chiming, charmingly naive guitar melodies and a sing-along swoony chorus. 'Me and the Moon' isn't The Drums strongest - it's a bit too whiney - but it does have a lovely ambient synth breakdown towards the end, something which could potentially point to a shift in the band's sound come album two.

Meanwhile, four dance producers take turns moulding 'Me and the Moon' into new shapes. Twin Shadow keeps it fizzy and sprightly in the first half before charging off on a wonderfully cheesy prog-disco odyssey complete with widdly guitar and arpeggiated bass; Moonlight Matters' remix sounds like Depeche Mode circa Construction Time Again (no bad thing); Matthew Dear keeps it minimalist but uncharacteristically boring, and Clock Opera scores the biggest bulls-eye by having the most fun. You've probably got the album. If so, this release is just about worth tracking down for the remixes.

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