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Needs Must - Thank You for Choosing

by Emily Allen Rating:4.5 Release Date:2010-11-26

With the controversial coalition rife in the public's mind, there's no better time for kids to pick up their guitars and speak out against the problematic politics epidemic in the UK. Step up London quartet, Needs Must. 'Thank You for Choosing' speaks of commercialism; the title is taken from the McDonald's drive-thru slogan, to an anti-establishment flick of the V's with lyrics such as, "There's no point in losing us, 'coz we don't care", all set to the backdrop of spikey guitar riffs reminiscent of The Courteeners meets The Jam.

Singer Patrick Minhard supplies husky vocals akin to early Weller, providing a slow-burning energy, striking to the sound a military bass-drum beat. The track, although providing interesting subject matter, has a tiresome and overused format. The arrangement and somewhat lazy lyric writing is highlighted in the first verse: "The fast food chains are getting fatter, leaves our metabolism in a tatter" seems sluggish and worn-out.

However, is this marking the beginning of a new revolution of 'angry pop'? Will current political affairs revive the cultural movement in DIY punk music? Pick up your guitars and let's make history.

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