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Singing Adams - I Need Your Mind/Amateur Reactions

by Andy Brown Rating:9 Release Date:2010-12-06

Over the course of five albums and a couple of outstanding EPs, The Broken Family Band became one of the finest cult bands in the country; then, after releasing the politely named, rock-tastic Please and Thank You in 2009 they called it a day. This was a sad day indeed, as anyone who's heard the dark, country stylings of Welcome Home, Loser will attest to. Principle family member and main songwriter Steven Adams did have another band however. Singing Adams released an album, Problems, in 2006 and have since been off the radar. I was a pretty big fan of The Broken Family Bands mix of indie-rock and country, all complimented by Adams' witty, honest and frequently brilliant lyrics and so was understandably excited upon discovering that Adams would be releasing a new single.

I'm pleased to report that 'I Need Your Mind/Amateur Reactions' is business as usual for Adams - a compliment when your songs are as strong as this. Those hoping for a return to his more country-tinged tunes may be disappointed, however, as both of these new tracks are definitely closer to something from the more rock-orientated, upbeat Hello Love or Please and Thank You.

'I Need Your Mind' begins with Adams singing; "I'm so pleased you could find the time to talk to me…" over a deceptively simple tune - kind of like a more laid back version of 2007 single 'Love Your Man, Love Your Woman'. The trademark raised-eyebrow humour is still present too as Adams confesses, "I need your mind but I can't keep up with it, help me keep it up and I'll do my best with it". This catchy, sprightly tune finds Adams in a rather chipper-mood as the chorus announces, with wide eyed optimism; "Here it comes now, it's your future, with your options…" An undeniably uplifting slice of indie-pop gold, it's certainly a confident return. Second track 'Amateur Reactions' is a slightly darker, more doubtful affair as Adams intones; "And if my heart was really in your hand, that's not a concept you'd understand". That's two perfectly formed, intelligent indie-pop songs on a wonderfully packaged seven inch record - what more could you ask for?

Adams once sang, "Welcome home, loser…you've let us down again"; thankfully 'I Need Your Mind/Amateur Reactions' is far from a disappointment. If you haven't heard The Broken Family Band or Singing Adams before this is your chance to find out what you've been missing.

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