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cKy (Camp Kill Yourself) - Afterworld

by Matt Johnson Rating:7.5 Release Date:2010-09-29

Nearing the end of the conception of cKy's fourth studio album Carver City, (5th if you count the unofficial Volume 2) lead guitarist Chad Ginsburg found himself recording spontaneous guitar riffs. Vocalist Deron Miller commented, "It was too late to do anything with it for Carver City, so we hung onto it." This material was obviously too good to throw away and the band turned these few raw riffs into a 'song about stunts' for Jackass 3D. The single is a debut for Chad on lead vocals; and he also makes his debut as the band's primary lyricist. Matt Janatis also joins on bass, following the departure of Matt Deis who left because of 'commitment issues' shortly after Carver City was released.

The song further implements the band's new sonic sound direction, (following on from Carver City) and shows that the band continues to evolve after their first success in 1998, all of 12 years ago. Chad as lyricist and lead vocalist is an intriguing and new combination, although Deron Miller's position in the driving seat is sorely missed. Much like HIM's side project Daniel Lioneye, featuring lead guitarist Linde a.k.a. Daniel Lioneye on lead vocals, it's an interesting experiment but unlikely to be a permanent shift. 'Afterworld' is undoubtedly good, but it lacks the spark which would edge it into the territory of brilliance.

'Afterworld' is released with an acoustic version of 'Era of an End' from Carver City. Slightly more pleasing for the ears than 'Afterworld', acoustic covers are arguably one of the band's fortés, presenting themselves as having a presence behind the screams. 'Afterworld' and 'Era of an End' are only available to digitally download; both being well worth the seventy-odd pence and the lack of a walk to a record shop to obtain. Although it's never going to be the band's most memorable single, if you're a cKy obsessive like me, you'll ache to have them amongst your collection.

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