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Cosmo Jarvis - Gay Pirates

by Rory McKeown Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-12-12

Young singer-songwriter Cosmo Jarvis has steadily built-up a dedicated band of followers in his short years as an artist, ranging from namesake Jarvis Cocker on Radio 6 Music to more recently Stephen Fry, who gushed over new single 'Gay Pirates' on Twitter. 'Gay Pirates' is a contemporary, melancholy-tinged, sea shanty surrounding, well, two homosexual pirates who yearn for a jolly roger while stationed on a highly masculine and homophobic rickety wooden ship sailing the seven seas, in a scurvy-ridden era where discrimination is rife and falling out of line can only mean one thing - walking the dreaded plank.

What's most impressive about Cosmo Jarvis is his hypnotic ability at conjuring up this oppressed - and shocking - nautical world using almost perfect attention-grabbing story-telling techniques at the tender age of 21. The lead character is bullied relentlessly for his sexual orientation, summed perfectly up as Cosmo roars: "They say they're gonna kill me, if I look at you once more/Pissed in my hammock yesterday, so I'll sleep on the floor."

The heart-felt story continues until the forbidden pair meet their eventual salty demise, but even then swashbucklers remain defiant, singing: "I hope they didn't tie up, your hands as tight as mine/I'll see you on the bed of this, blue ocean, babe, sometime." 'Gay Pirates' rolls along at a steady pace during the verses, backed by tender strums on the ukulele, before exploding into a grog-fuelled hearty sing-a-long in the stupidly catchy choruses, leaving you forever singing "Yo ho Sebastian, let's go far away, somewhere where the captain won't be mad."

Based on the impressive standard of 'Gay Pirates', the hype surrounding buccaneer Cosmo Jarvis seems justified and his forthcoming sophomore album Is the World Strange or am I Strange?, released in March, should be an intriguing and highly-emotive album. Let's hear it for Captain Cosmo and his vast seabed of anecdotes and ditties and wonderous musicianship, for he be a fine fellow.

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