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My Jerusalem - Bury it Low

by Mark Young Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-12-13

There is nothing better than music that really manages to transmit some emotion to the listener. Not just describe it, but really imbue it; change a mood. It doesn't have to be something completely specific or linear, like love or lust or jealousy, for instance. Indeed, it's often better when it's not. Music, as an art, should be flexible enough to offer the beholder a chance to take what they will. There is nothing wrong with suggestion but conveying something more subjective like joy, anguish or an awakening can often end up most possessing.

Prog bands understand that, and so do My Jerusalem, who are something of a 'super-group'. Set up by Jeff Klein, they feature members of Polyphonic Spree, Great Northern, Bishop Allen and Klein's other band, The Twilight Singers. There is an affirming force running through 'Bury it Low'. It's not a feel-good song exactly but there's some feeling of solace derived from it, like the world just changed and forced some new dawn upon you. The velvet circle has been shattered and your eyes are now open to an existence based blindly on deceit. Somehow, though, you're richer for the experience and you can take a bitter sweet victory in liberation.

After a picked guitar intro, Klein's vocals - gravely and raw and almost spat rather than sung - are a shock when they enter. They are tormented and uneasy, presenting a harsh reality but speaking truth, and you know you have to trust in them. Then, as the song gathers pace and the chorus kicks in, it's like an arm around your shoulder, though it's one of kinship rather than comfort. The magnitude of this juncture is not to be undermined or mitigated but someone knows.

Ending as it began, the circle is completed. The ordeal is over. Put it to bed. Start something new, but don't forget. Bury it low. Signed to One Little Indian, the band can count a plethora of interesting and innovative artists as label mates, including Alabama 3, Bjork, Dan Sartain and, since 2009, the man himself, Sir Paul McCartney. If 'Bury it Low' is akin to the rest of their portfolio, My Jerusalem are certainly good value alongside them.

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