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Snide Rhythms - I Can't Keep Up! /People Pleaser

by Mark Young Rating:7 Release Date:2010-12-04

'I Can't Keep Up!'/'People Pleaser' is the debut double a-side single from Edinburgh art-rockers Snide Rhythms. As their name suggests, this three-piece certainly have attitude and they display it in abundance on this seven-inch vinyl, put out by fledgling indie label The Bonjour Branch, which specialises in releases on this format.

A theorist might well tell you that tunes of this ilk - bold and brazen post punk hustles - shouldn't last much more than a couple of minutes. Here, the band abide by the rule. The first track, 'I Can't Keep Up!', is a knife-edged garage rock soundtrack to one man's battle with his sanity, brought on, no doubt, by the LSD, PCP and more of the like referenced in the lyrics. The song offers the world nothing new but it's still a satisfyingly dirty ensemble of bolshy bass, no-shit drum beats and red-blooded vocals. In terms of the sound, comparisons with the likes of Jon Spencer, Gang of Four and Grinderman aren't far away from the mark.

'People Pleaser', perhaps fittingly, is the more interesting of the two, with the extra intrigue of Battles-esque math-rock quirky synths. The song is an angry rejection of hero worship and false front and while the lyrics might not win any awards - "All your heroes are fat and bald, all their stories have already been told" - there is, at least, something refreshingly honest about them and they are delivered with a gratifying swagger that is consistent with the first song. While unexceptional, this maiden single from Snide Rhythms is a very likeable effort. There's something moreish about the band too; they certainly give the impression they'd grab you by the balls at a live show.

The seven-inch hard copy is available to buy and the tracks await your ears now via MySpace.

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