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The Death Notes - In the Spider's Web

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2010-12-13

The Death Notes are from the Midlands, Nottingham to be precise, not that you'd think that from listening to them. New single 'In the Spider's Web' is in thrall to the jittery guitar sounds found on Daydream Nation, the 1988 album by those pioneers of art-noise-rock, Sonic Youth. This, dear reader, is no bad thing. Not that The Death Notes really sound like Sonic Youth, however. Elaine's distinctive vocals are closer to goth-punk queen Siouxsie Sioux's commanding holler than Kim Gordons' guttural screams. It's perhaps this balance between American alt-rock classicism and British eccentricity that makes The Death Notes such an intriguing prospect.

Seasick guitars wrap this indie-pop nugget in a blissful haze of psychedila as the heavy military thud of the drums keeps things in line and propels 'In the Spider's Web' through just over five minutes of Halloween tinged perfection. If, like me, one song simply isn't enough than there's a self-titled EP, released last year, you can track down too. Here's hoping The Death Notes deliver an album that capitalises on this compelling start. Maybe they'll even start their own teenage riot?

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