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Cherry Ghost - We Sleep on Stones

by Steve Reynolds Rating:3 Release Date:2010-11-15

Cherry Ghost's new single 'We Sleep on Stones' comes with a biog advertising its plethora of Krautrock Rhythms and eerie strings. Hmm. After a couple of listens I have to admit it failed to register any kind of murmur on the heart-rate monitor.

Whenever a good band hone their own sound (Elbow, Arctics), there will always be bands who try to hang on to the coat tails and try and cash in and emulate the torchbearers of a particular musical style. Cherry Ghost fit into the Elbow box but whileGuy Garvey's mob have an uncanny knack for the hooks, CG simply just plod along and I found myself constantly searching for something that would make me like this song.

Don't get me wrong the track comes with best intentions lyrically (murder ballad about those lost loved ones at war), but the music lacks the inspiration to elevate them to a bigger audience. The b-side is a cover of Ce Ce Peniston's 'Finally' and instead of laying waste, twisting and reconstructing it, they merely stick a monotonous revolving loop over the top of the vocals.

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