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Cerebral Ballzy - Insufficient Fare

by Al Brown Rating:7 Release Date:2010-11-29

These two songs could have been written by any hardcore band from anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard at any time in the last 30 years. They are pretty good nonetheless. Apart from the title, all the words in 'Insufficient Fare' are inaudible, but I imagine it's about not having enough money for the subway or something, thus evoking the kind of gritty metropolitan tableau that provincial pussies like me adore. I'll move to New York someday too, I swear it, Dad.

B-side 'Don't Tell Me What to Do' is yer standard anti-establishment/anti-corporate rant; kind of what Bad Religion would sound like if they weren't such obvious squares. It sounds totally non-ironic, which I dig - these dudes are way scuzzy enough to get away with it - and at one minute, three seconds it's perfect punk song length. Good stuff then: though probably not for anyone who gets genuinely excited over the latest Animal Collective side-project.

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