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Pujol - Too Safe/Black Rabbit

by Tom Doyle Rating:9 Release Date:2010-11-18

Alive at the Same Time is a blistering slice of garage-rock from Nashville native Daniel Pujol. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the single is that Pujol manages to craft some truly great pop hooks while retaining a DIY edge; it's no surprise to see him listing influences such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, as the songs seem to combine the hook-laden nature of the former with the attitude and 'guitar-god' swagger of the latter.

The EP kicks off with the ferocious 'Too Safe', with Pujol bawling, "I stabbed my wallet through my hand until I could feel it", acting as a riposte to convention and reservation. The song is effectively broken in to two halves, with the first being a more traditional verse/chorus with a breakdown, before Pujol unleashes a great solo outro along to crashing cymbals; if you're not hyperventilating by the end of it, then there's something very, very wrong with you. The second track 'Black Rabbit' is a joyous stomp with Allman Brothers-esque guitar licks tossed alongside a chorus that's infectiously catchy, and the cry of "lapin" (French for rabbit) to get things going can only be a good thing; highly recommended.

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