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Ste McCabe - Harrowing Breakdown EP

by Al Brown Rating:7 Release Date:2010-11-08

"Every decent person should have a harrowing breakdown/ Every honest person will have a harrowing breakdown" - Perhaps there has never been such an eloquent expression of the difference between good and bad people on record? I mean, it's reductive - of course it is - but you can tell what he means. If you're clever and you care about stuff, there will be a point where lots of things go wrong at once, and without a God to turn to, you will lose your fucking shit for a while. Or maybe you won't, but like I said, you can see what he's getting at. Anyway, if the worst does happen, put this song on and if the empathetic lyrics don't cheer you up, maybe the peppy drum-machine pop-vibes will.

On 'Ste McCabe 1, Lloyds TSB 0', scuzzy guitars are the order of the day and McCabe's vocal similarity to Pete Shelley (of Buzzcocks) is most striking - sometimes yearning, sometimes sneeringly dismissive, it works well on this tale of a messy night out and a meeting with a bank manager (I think). The last two songs are both very angry. 'That's Not Very Funny' takes aim at Joan Rivers for telling homophobic jokes, claiming along to buzzsaw guitars, that "I could make a handbag from the skin around your neck!"

'Murder Music' is more serious entirely: a seething rant against homophobic violence set to an evil-sounding electronic backing. It's a difficult listen: bleak and repetitive, a long way from the carefree pop earlier on. But it's important that someone still gets angry about this stuff: I mean, how often do you actually hear songs these days that confront homophobia and sexism in a completely head-on, irony-free fashion? Never. And is homophobia and sexism still prevalent in society? Clearly, a lot of people don't think so (or they think it's not worth making a fuss about?), but they are wrong. Ste McCabe is right.

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I whole-heartedly agree with those lyrics.

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