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Is Tropical - South Pacific

by James Bray Rating:7 Release Date:2010-11-08

'South Pacific' is Is Tropical's attempt at radio-friendly synth euphoria. They are going for a rousing epic with their incantationary chorus and penchant for crescendoes but this song just falls short of such lofty ambitions. With the insistent rhythms and the flagrant danceability of their tracks, Is Tropical sound a bit like OMD, who have also released an album this year to cash-in on the 80s revival. The group's main problem is that their sound is very derivative. The concentration on vocal melodies, electronics and bass are all evocative of Jamie Reynolds and co of The Klaxons. In spite of all this, 'South Pacific' is fun, if disposable.

It remains to be seen whether there is more to Is Tropical than suburban bedroom psychedelia, crazy masks and pop sensibilities. This song isn't quite good enough but there is a certain promise with this band; let's hope they aren't just label-orchestrated Klaxons klones.

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