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Imp - Just Destroyer

by Richard Howard Rating:6.5 Release Date:2010-11-08

Wakefield indie outfit Imp release their debut EP Just Destroyer, a promising five-track collection. Opening track 'O' is something of a shock, an instrumental piece which, on first listen, keeps you waiting for vocals that never appear. Once you get to grips with the lack of singing, the music itself showcases gritty guitars and thundering drum beats. Although a decent effort, it would benefit from vocals to help push the song on and give it some structure.

Back to normality on '16 Years', a perfect indie-pop tune which gives a first glimpse of the band in full flow, jangling guitars making for a catchy melody, ably accompanied by solid vocals. Probably the stand-out track on the EP, one that will stay on repeat and fill up many an indie dancefloor. 'Don't Go Wild' follows the same path, and comparisons with their more illustrious Wakefield contemporaries, The Cribs, can be made. A similar vocal sound to Ryan Jarman and well thought out music means Imp look like they have a bright future ahead of them.

Penultimate track 'Birdfeud' starts with a high-pitched vocal harmony to accompany the soaring guitars but, at just over two minutes, never really catches fire and peters out somewhat. The EP ends with 'Into Japan', a more thoughtful song than some of the previous efforts, with the band starting slowly and gradually building musically and once again surprise without any vocals until three minutes into the track. Creating a buzz on the live circuit is the next test for this up and coming band.

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