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Porcelain Raft - Tip of Your Tongue

by Steve Rhodes Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-11-08

Porcelain Raft is the solo outfit of Italian-born, London-based Mauro Remiddi, a mainstay of psychedelic troubadours Sunny Day Sets Fire. 'Tip of Your Tongue' is a hushed and understated melancholic gem of words which are meant to be heard but are left unsaid. Mauro combines chiming guitar and a simple looped backing to his echo-laden vocal, reminiscent of Sparks listening to Slint or Smog, rather than Elton John. With elements of Zola Jesus, Robin Guthrie and Will Oldham, 'Tip of Your Tongue' is atmospheric, sleepy and spectral and is superb in its simplicity and execution. A perfect soundtrack to sunny and cold Autumn days.

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