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The Phoenix Foundation - Pot

by Steve Rhodes Rating:4 Release Date:2010-11-08

Wellington, New Zealand six-piece The Phoenix Foundation first came to my attention back in 2003 with their debut LP Horsepower, a gorgeous laid-back album of pastoral psychedelia. They've been building on these fledgling beginnings with their mature and increasingly successful follow up LPs in their home country. It's a shame thereby that their debut UK single feels underwhelming and rather lacklustre.

'Pot' is a blast of summery pop, with upbeat jangling acoustic guitars, nice keyboard flourishes and melody and twin soaring singalong vocals, but it is deeply lacking in substance. There is the niggling feeling that this was knocked-up in no time after a drinking session with too much Coldplay, Crowded House and Mumford & Sons playing in the background. It feels little more than indie-by-numbers, without much thought for depth, hooks or originality.

Let's hope the upcoming LP Buffalo is markedly better and encourages listeners to look into their excellent back catalogue. The Phoenix Foundation have demonstrated with earlier songs such as 'Going Fishing', 'St Kevin', 'Hitchcock' and 'Bright Grey' that they are more than capable of greatness; it's just a pity that 'Pot' is a disappointingly average and rather forgettable introduction for most people to their work.

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Ye gods! This sounds dreadful!

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It was just meh and disappointing - I've been a big fan since hearing them when I was in N-Z, particularly the first album - hopefully its just a blip - they're likely to be touring the UK next year - I'll defo be going!

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