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Babe, Terror - Havai EP

by Leonie Mercedes Rating:7 Release Date:2010-10-25

Brazilian artist and sonic alchemist Babe, Terror follows up his EP1 with a little more night music. With producers Memory Tapes and Duke Dumont providing their own take on remix duty, while remaining faithful to the fundamental idea of music-to-walk-by-night-to, the Havai EP is a demonstration of how well Babe, Terror's music lends itself to reworking.

'Havai' is more melodic than its predecessor 'Summertime Our League', ghostly and bittersweet. Babe, Terror's trademark looped layers of choral vocals are pushed through effects in varying degrees, with some voices fuzzy and distorted, and others eerily creeping out of the tapestry completely. The melody undergoes mutation throughout, with the artist later stamping out the rhythm with some primitive beatboxing.

Memory Tapes reworks the original into a spooky 80s pop instrumental heavy on the snares and with characteristically spiky synth, while Duke Dumont turns 'Epicentro' into a warmly pulsating cut laden with tangles of acid. If that isn't enough to pique your interest it all comes on pretty blue and white marbled vinyl, a treat for the ears and eyes. We're keen to discover what he does next.

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