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The Good Natured - Be My Animal

by Al Brown Rating:2 Release Date:2010-11-01

For a song supposedly about wild, animalistic sex, 'Be My Animal' sure is boring. It's like some BRIT School, safe, sanitised version of vicious fucking and therefore absolutely no fun at all. "Whoah-oh-oh/ Whoah-oh-oh/ Be my animal/ hunt me down" sings the singer in the creepily sexless manner favoured by today's 80s revivalists. You can almost hear the bald, Ray-Ban wearing songwriting team, sitting in the corner going: "I know the lyrics are total dogshit, darling, but you could at least try."

Not learning any lessons from the first debacle, the b-side is also 'about' sex, and also terrible. Apparently it's influenced by the Almodovar film Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, which is great, I guess, but also kind of an admission that, with a rudimentary knowledge of the subject she's singing about (bondage), secondary source material had to suffice. Not that you could gauge any specific influence from lyrics this perfectly mundane if you tried; I mean, I do have an image of a sweating, grunting Antonio Banderas in my head, but that's always there. In conclusion: I don't know what this band/person/cynical corporate project was thinking but I picture them sitting around imagining what Madonna would be like if she was actually a virgin and her songs were all tuneless drivel.

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