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Cocknbullkid - One Eye Closed

by Rich Morris Rating:9 Release Date:2010-11-08

With any justice, this will be the track which launches Anita Blay into wider public consciousness. A daffy rockabilly riff straight off an early B-52s record frames some typically murky, mercurial Cocknbullkid lyrics ("Let me shoot straight from the hipbone/ take a big break of this wishbone") before it explodes into an utterly glorious, string-drenched chorus in which Blay's vocals reach for the stratosphere and drag it down to the level of a busted love affair. Listen to this once and it sounds like an uncommonly good pop song, more than twice and you'll be mainlining it like sweet heartbreak-flavoured heroin. As if that wasn't enough, the accompanying video is a work of bonkers genius. Give this girl a hit!

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