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ULTERIOR - Sex War Sex Cars Sex

by Katy Ledger Rating:3 Release Date:2010-11-01

'Sex War Sex Cars Sex HUH!' Could you get a more macho title for a single then that? OK, so I added the 'HUH!' but I'm sure we were all subconsciously adding it anyway and you may as well throw a little air-hump into the mix too, because from the moment that leather-clad goth rockers Ulterior start to plunge their dark wave 80s inspired track into your earlobes it feels as sexually aggressive as a rabbit on Viagra.

The single precedes their as yet un-named debut album and it's a relentless attack of pounding drums, thrusting guitars and wailing synths complete with a full-on chanting crescendo of those three statement words. Just what kind of statement they are trying to make I'm not sure, it's SO 80s I can't work out if it's a joke or not. If it is a joke, I definitely don't get it.

Hopefully, Ulterior are being thoroughly postmodern and ironic with this testosterone fuelled ode to Sisters of Mercy, otherwise they might be a little surprised when the girls don't immediately fall to their feet, over come by the sheer potency of the masculinity penetrating their delicate little beings. This single doesn't leave me gagging to get hold of anything… let alone their debut album.

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