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Museum of Bellas Artes - Days Ahead EP

The Swedes making thoroughly infectious, guilty pleasure-like pop is like Brits loving cups of tea - it seems to be part of the national psyche. How else can you explain Abba, Ace of Base and Robyn raiding the charts in the past? They seem to know how to make everybody get down, so forgive me for offering the plaudits to another splendid Swedish act - Museum of Bellas Artes.

The Stockholm (surprise, surprise!) trio provide a smorgasbord of 70s funk, 80s electro and echoing sounds in their latest EP Days Ahead. And it stays true to tradition - this reviewer certainly found himself swaying his body from side-to-side in a state of electronic bliss.

For one, both the opener 'Painted Wall' and third track 'Days Ahead' sound very, very groovy - both are rich in funk guitars, abundant in up-tempo organ synth sounds and rapid riffs that make you want to put on your most embarrassing outfit and dance. The vocals do it justice, too, as the deep-sounding tones complement the funkalicious sound well. (Yes, "funkalicious" isn't a word, but let's not ruin the moment!).

'Watch the Glow' and 'Paloma' sound more contemporary in contrast, with the guitars being ditched in favour of a more dance-pop flavour. The former, in particular, is a great mix of kitsch (helped by the 80s synth sound) and rapture (the vocals echo a lot - almost as if angels were singing). It's a sound similar to early Erasure fare - and Andy Bell would almost certainly want to sing along to this. 'Paloma' sounds almost exactly the same, though the synths sound like something out of the late 90s - but it's still such a great track in an otherwise blissful EP.

So how to end it? It's certainly one Swede - I mean, sweet - record. They've shown us a thing or two once again. Might be time to relocate there...

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