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Tobacco Featuring Beck - Fresh Hex

Short, sweet, sublimely psychotic; Fresh Hex, kind of does exactly what it says on the tin. A rough sounding, cursed mash-up of drums and electronic organ noises which somehow open out to a heavenly, uplifting sound at its conclusion... But not before it gets a bit grimier and markedly pretty funky in the opening 30 seconds.

Fresh Hex is one of those brilliant songs that crosses dance boundaries. You could either throw yourself round like a madman, bop from side to side like a pimp-daddy, or simply nod your head and click a finger like a pretentious 80s music video star (but don't) - any which way, this song WILL get you moving.

If you like your music to be a controlled cacophony, download this tune and turn it up. This is the only time I'd advocate Tobacco... I recommend becoming the equivalent of a heavy, heavy smoker.

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