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Bearsuit - Please Don't Take Him Back

by Steve Rhodes Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-10-25

For the best part of a decade, Norwich's finest, Bearsuit, have been ploughing a John Peel-approved indie furrow, perfecting the art of the boy/girl shouty/twee vocal with guitar and keyboard glitchiness. They've produced some cracking, quirky singles without straying far from the Shangri-Las/Bis template towards originality or threatening the mainstream.

'Please Don't Take Him Back' is not going to change the position, but it breaks cleanly from this mould - a song that seems content to live in the Thatcher years but feels as relevant now as any. Triumphant guitars, a funk riddled-bass, stylophone, 80s keys, a plain male vocal and a swooning female riposte collide wonderfully, like The Pipettes and St Ettienne fighting for Phil Oakey or New Order's attention. Only at the very end does the old Bearsuit poke its head out and it's appearance is far from unwelcome.

An excellent song about heartbreak to tear up the dancefloors to.

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