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Gazelle Twin - Changelings

Mention dark, gothic, brooding and cathartic tunes and images of The Cure, Lacuna Coil and Siouxsie and the Banshees come to mind. Throw in something like, say, art and blues music and you'll think "Huh?" This is where Gazelle Twin comes in.

The alter-ego of Brighton visual artist and musician Elizabeth Walling takes pride, as her website states, in making music that is dark, erotic, immersive and spooked. She throws in synthesized string arrangements, ethereal choral voices and distorted sounds to create aural gothic pieces of art.

Her new tune 'Changeling' is no exception. It throws in all of the above elements together to produce a requiem-like tune. It's a great piece of art in that her ghostly vocals complement the brooding synth background noise, while the arias do a cool job in holding everything together. Add a few drums and the whole sounds a bit bluesy. All in a perfect three minutes 26 seconds.
This tune is dark as dark as can be. OK, so it's not Rob Smith or Siouxsie, but it's still very much a great record to have in one's collection of all things gothic.

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