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Teenagersintokyo - New Day

by Adam Leach Rating:6.5 Release Date:2010-09-13

Over recent years there has been a swarm of bands who have chosen to base their name around a city, irrespective of whether that city is where the band was formed. Sweden offered I'm From Barcelona, from Manchester came Paris Riots and Melbourne, Australia provided the world with Architecture in Helsinki.

Now, as if to further substantiate the point that no Aussie worth their salt would admit to coming from down under, comes Teenagersintokyo, a five-piece art punk outfit that tread the line between The Klaxons and Metric. The band's next release is a tidy little number called 'New Day'. It's a song that smoulders at the beginning with a heavy bassline and the polished vocal stylings of singer Samantha Lim. Before long, a catchy guitar lick comes in as the vocals build up in energy and the song explodes into a chorus fit for a king.

Overall, it's a tightly produced tune, catchy in all the right places and instrumentally sound. The one criticism is that it's very 'of the moment' - they're certainly not making any broad strokes with their direction. But to be fair, it's exactly the kind of song that will have Radio 1 DJs such as Nick 'I only befriend celebs' Grimshaw climaxing all over their mixing desks, so for the sake of the band's bank account, it's probably the right move.

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