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Ladytron - Ace of Hz

by Matt Johnson Rating:8 Release Date:2010-11-30

Chosen by EA for the FIFA 11 soundtrack, Ladytron's 'Ace of Hz' has already attracted some big attention, with their song 'Runaway' also making an appearance on FIFA 09. At first listen, the song could easily slip into the bracket of any woman-fronted electronica band, but with a distinct catchiness and originality that's hard to pinpoint. Maybe it's the synth beat; maybe it's the ethereal vocals, or the chorus that seemingly comes around all too soon. Whatever the reason, after listening to it once, it was destined to be listened to a hundred more times.

The melodic entanglements of backing sounds are the perfect bedding for infectious vocals and original lyrics; with the title 'Ace of Hz' being extremely clever. 'Hearts' is abbreviated to 'Hz' which usually is the abbreviation of the unit of frequency 'hertz'. Coincidently, heartbeats are measured in hertz, making the title very intuitive and enabling multiple connotations for listeners to discover.

'Ace of Hz' feels a rewarding listen, hopefully set to become a must-have in Ladytron's forthcoming album and when released, will be sure to find a snug spot amongst your music collection. Until then, the FIFA 11 soundtrack and listening online will have to suffice...

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Ladytron - Ace of Hz - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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