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Gold Panda - Snow & Taxis

by Alexandra Pett Rating:7 Release Date:2010-10-04

Gold Panda makes minutely detailed electronica that is peppered with engineered sounds from imaginative sources. 'Snow & Taxis' is a perfect example - a carefully constructed piece of music layered with a sleigh bell-like glockenspiel and a vocal synth that will take you straight to the iceberg-strewn straits of the Atlantic Ocean. The track has a muted techno beat and remains relentlessly 'up,' despite a slightly confusing video that's more David Attenborough meets Blair Witch Project than twinkling car lights and pristine white snowdrifts. Parallels with the likes of Four Tet are evident in the unfussy structure and geeky attention to detail which give the track real body. It's a tune that will likely add a spring to your step in the darkening seasons and generate an excited shiver all round at the prospect of Gold Panda's album - Lucky Shiner - due on October 11.

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Gold Panda - Snow & Taxis - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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