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MGMT - Congratulations

by James Briscoe Rating:8 Release Date:2010-09-27

'Congratulations' is a song from MGMT's new album, of the same name, a record which has a lot of work to do in order to live up to their previous mark-making album, Oracular Spectacular. So I'll try not to size this track up against tracks such as 'Kids' from OS. The psychedelia of Oracular Spectacular is still there, however, but with a bigger budget and more fine-tuned musical abilities, 'Congratulations' makes a technical improvement.

In 'Congratulations', we hear exotic, beach-borne sounds from instruments, like steel drums and xylophones. It is a chill-out track and Andrew Vanwyngarden's voice is reminiscent of Marc Bolan in the 70s. It is not just Vanwyngarden's (did he make up this name to confuse journalists?) voice that has that funky 70s flavour. I guess it is the lack of artificial sounds. You do not hear electronic keyboards, just a strumming guitar, a set of drums and a voice. Considering MGMT are releasing this track as a single we can conclude that this 'stripped-back' sound is something that MGMT are planning on using as they develop their song writing talents.

'Congratulaions' is maybe an offering that fans of MGMT will be a bit underwhelmed by as it is not as radical as some of the songs from Oracular Spectacular; however, good music is good music, and 'Congratulations' is a quality song.

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MGMT - Congratulations - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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