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The Twilight Sad - Wrong Car

by Steve Rhodes Rating:8 Release Date:2010-09-27

Not content with three singles and an album in the past year, Scottish nu-gaze trailblazers The Twilight Sad are back with a new EP and two brand new songs.

For those not acquainted to The Twilight Sad, their sound usually consists of loud, dreamy guitar noise, accompanied by singer James Graham's distinctive Scottish brogue, as evidenced brilliantly on 'I Became a Prostitute', the lead single of their last album, one of the best songs of the past few years.

With the lead song on this EP, 'Wrong Car', things are more restrained, with sweeping swings, gentle piano and an oriental influence the order of the day. The traditional Twilight Sad sound is still there. Andy's guitar buzzes in the background and James's vocals are still as powerful and heartfelt as ever, but cacophony is replaced by introspection, with fits of guitar noise only occasionally being unleashed. Rather than hampering the song, the subtle change in balance adds tremendously to it.

The other new song - 'Throw Yourself in the Water Again' is more traditional, but is sadly rather lacklustre and forgettable, with the melody and vocal drowned out by the noise.

However, with 'Wrong Car', seemingly taking their cues more from David Sylvian, rather than the usual protagonists, The Twilight Sad have potential to evolve and take their sound into new directions. A terrific song, that deserves much greater success than it's likely to achieve.

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Their debut album is so damn good. My favourite of 2007!!

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