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Japandroids - Heavenward Grand Prix

by Andy Brown Rating:9 Release Date:2010-11-15

"We don't have to be like they are... on a heavenward grand prix"

The third in a planned series of five limited 7 inch/download singles, 'Heavenward Grand Prix' is another fine slice of fuzz rock from the much talked about Japandroids. There's a quick "Hey!" before Brian King's guitar comes crashing in. A dense, warm fuzz of a racket wraps itself around the speakers as he sings "Fleeing the day at designated speeds..."

Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine cast a rather large shadow over much of today's young rock rebels - No Age, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Horrors and Japandroids all trading in that wonderful post-Loveless guitar sound to some degree. Japandroids, and indeed all the bands I mentioned, are much more than My Bloody Valentine tribute acts though.

It's the way Brian King and David Prowse take their influences (often displayed through their choice of cover song - McClusky, Big Black and, this time, PJ Harvey) and try to match them with energy and unbridled enthusiasm that makes Japandroids such an exciting proposition. 'Heavenward Grand Prix' is an exhilarating, fun and exciting tune that should satisfy Japandroids ever growing fanbase and hopefully earn them a few new admirers too. Can't wait for the next one...

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Japandroids - Heavenward Grand Prix - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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