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Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground

by James Briscoe Rating:9 Release Date:2010-09-20

Maps & Atlases go by the pigeonhole of progressive music and art rock but, on the planet where I live, between these receptive ears, they go by the description of: AWESOME.

In their single, 'Solid Ground', released by FatCat, singer David Davidson's voice is something to take note of, and not a note he sings falls in to the recycle bin of flat or unnecessary harmonies. I could listen to his voice in this form all day and night. Just put this song on repeat and you will not see it as wasted listening time, I promise.

Maps & Atlases' first full-length LP came to the US and online this summer, June 29, and it is to be released in the UK and Europe on October 4 (I will be bringing you a review of this). The album is seen as a more musically mature piece than the EPs M&As had released prior to it. Maybe 'Solid Ground' is not particularly rebellious but for the honest and beautiful-sounding track it is, it is perfect.

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