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Sleepy Sun - Marina

by Miz DeShannon Rating:9 Release Date:2010-09-06

The wailing guitar intro on 'Marina', latest single from psychedelic giants Sleepy Sun's highly acclaimed second album Fever, sounds like it could easily be by long-missed guitar hero Jimi Hendrix or stoner rockers Dead Meadow. At more than six minutes long, the song encompasses almost every influence the band could site - blues guitar, folky vocals, wooshing keyboards and a tribal-beat middle eighth. The latter could confuse the flow of the song in a way for first time listeners, but knowing of some African prog from the 70s, it seemed like a fitting up-tempo interlude from the trademark offbeat drums and vocal harmonies.

The Californian outfit have enough members to recreate such a song live as well, considering the amount of instruments you can hear on this track. You can just imagine hanging around in the desert sun, dancing like a hippy to the crunching rock riffs, harmonica and soaring Clannad-esque vocal harmonies.

Sleepy Sun have all those classic prog influences, and are one of a growing number of bands who don't follow trends or the latest technology. They create musical journeys, sonic psychedelia, beat-driven stirrings. Despite being an epic piece, the song doesn't drag at all. It's beautifully beat-driven, showing the development of the band since first album Embrace, which is also definitely worth a listen.

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