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MEN - Credit Card Babie$

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2010-09-06

There's been a buzz building around MEN for awhile and, thankfully, their first UK single doesn't disappoint. Mixing a lazy reggae rhythm with electro-pop pulses and spindly guitar, 'Credit Card Babie$' immediately shows off this group's cool credentials and the diverse pool of influences they draw on. However, it's the lyrics which really form the single's talking point. Vocalist JD Samson takes a unflinching yet mercurial look at the thorny issue of gays having babies, flipping from one standpoint to another. One moment she's sneering "I'm gonna fuck my friends/ to get a little tiny baby", the next she's asking "Is it really so hard/ to make a new heart?" with a genuineness which is affecting. Neither dumbed down nor sensationalist, it's to MEN's eternal credit that they haven't tried to sweeten the pill on this issue at all, but instead presented it in all its messy reality wedded to a frickin' sweet tune.

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