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Back Ted N-Ted - The Mirror

by James Briscoe Rating:7.5 Release Date:2010-08-24

You might not be aware of Back Ted N-Ted. He does not even have a dedicated page on Wikipedia which is rare for modern bands and artists, especially when they are better than bad. Nor does he have a regularly maintained MSspace page. Either Mr Back Ted N-Ted (Ryan Breen) is a bit lazy, he is going for an underground fan base OR he is just enjoying making music and that is the sole reason that he does.

'The Mirror', out now, is Ryan Breen's first real commercial LP but shows few signs of inexperience. That will probably be down to Breen's vast producing experience. Breen spent almost ten years producing music but without singing as he had a kind of fear of it. Why he ever feared using his accomplished, multi-faceted voice is beyond me. He sounds great on 'The Mirror'. The track is not necessarily groundbreaking but you can really hear his producing experience coming through. It all sounds very good. Breen is not just a favourable producer though; he is also a talented lyricist which makes for an extremely catchy and accomplished first single.

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