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YOU! - To Disappear

by James Briscoe Rating:9 Release Date:2010-08-09

YOU! are a Parisien duo consisting of Romuald Boivin composing and the voice of José Reis Fontao who are signed to Kuskus/ Discograph. They release their debut album this summer, also named, YOU! You could say it is all about YOU! and after listening to their single, 'To Disappear', it does seem that it might be all about these French fancies.

The song commences with a guitar riff worthy of Kings of Leon but something less obvious. There is also a beat that creeps in like an unexpected dumping but less painfully. Before you know it, you hear a mixture of harking guitars and modern drum beats, which bring two genres of music together to create something like 'Indie-electro'. It is somewhat derogatory, however, to attempt to constrain this song to a genre, especially as it is not immediately easy to do so.

'...the real star of To Disappear is José Fontao's emotive voice...'

Despite the guitars and beats, the real star of To Disappear is José Fontao's emotive voice that reminds me of Damon Albarn's voice in several of his songs with Gorillaz. Fontao has the same simple, heart-breaking quality in his voice. His words seem slicked with a beautiful hurt.

To Disappear breeds much excitement for things to come from this Parisien duo and I have no doubt that YOU!'s debut album will live up to that. Catch them while you can!

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