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Monotonix - Fun Fun Fun/Try Try Try

by Rich Morris Rating:2 Release Date:2010-08-02

Working with Steve Albini is such an instant badge of cool, one comes to releases he has recorded with certain expectations. Those expectations are comprehensively trashed by the unfocused, inept and really quite unappealing noise that is 'Fun Fun Fun' by Israel's Monotonix. When people say an Albini recording is ugly, they generally mean it as a compliment, as in it's raw, honest, 'warts and all'. 'Fun Fun Fun' is ugly because the singer sounds likes he's desperately trying to be some Iggy Pop style rebel rocker and fails miserably. In fact, he just sounds like he really needs the loo and can't wait to get through the song to relieve himself. The band also bash through this staggeringly uncomplicated garage rock thrash in the most perfunctory way possible. It sounds like a recording of a rehearsal by a very poor Hives cover band.

'Try Try Try' is, if anything, somehow worse because the band has obviously put a little bit more effort in and it hasn't paid off. Albini famously will work with anyone who requests his services, so the utter rubbishness of these songs will not reflect much on him. However, it's doubtful even the most undiscerning rocker will bother listening to these songs more than once. There's just better stuff out there, much of it recorded by Albini himself.

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