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Funeral Party - Finale

by Katie Butler Rating:8 Release Date:2010-08-31

August 31 sees the release of Funeral Party's second UK single, the pop-punk and hugely energetic 'Finale'. Full of the rawness of adolescence and the follow up to the infectiously catchy 'NYC Moves to the Sound of LA', 'Finale' is perhaps not quite as slick as their first single, however it still serves as a pretty decent summer tune. Originally from Whittier, California, Chad Elliot (vocals), James Torres (guitar), Kimo Kauhola (bass) and Tim Madrid (percussion) created Funeral Party as a way of escaping the sleepy and rather flat city of Whittier. Desperate to break the 'born there, die there' cycle of their home town, the foursome created a fresh indie-pop sound with a youthful energy that reflects the views of teens everywhere. At over four minutes long, 'Finale' is an infusion of neat, seamless glides between heated guitar solos, ensemble vocals and insanely catchy beats, creating a top-tapping, almost annoyingly catchy track. Yes, the vocals may be a little too raucous at times and Elliot's certainly not note perfect, but that just adds to the charm and refreshingly optimistic nature of the band. What's more, you can actually hear every word of the lyrics. Bonus.

The band really know when to hold back and when to let go; the track builds with momentum smoothly, drawing to an end with a fantastic crescendo of ensemble vocals and frantic drum beats. There's no doubt the track is an impressive second single but the big question is whether there's really a big enough market for yet another pop-punk-indie band. With the likes of the 3OH!3, Scouting For Girls, and the revival of The Futureheads, some might argue the UK chart has been saturated with boy bands (albeit the ones that can actually play their instrauments, not to be confused with the likes of JLS, Westlife etc.). What could make Funeral Party succeed where so many others have failed, however, is their rather naïve but nonetheless impressive ambitiousness: the four school mates from sleepy Whittier apparently want to be as big as The Beatles. Hmm... While this is pretty much completely unachievable, their tracks are damn good and are bound to get their fair share of airplay. 'Finale' is rhythmic, cheeky and demonstrates a vocal and instrumental sincerity that other bands of similar genres lack. They may not achieve success like The Beatles but, after having a sneaky peak at some band pictures, its fair to say they could cause much of the teenage female population to once again go weak at the knees..

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