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Cowbell - Oh Girl

by Katy Ledger Rating:7 Release Date:2010-07-26

Unless you frequent the Americana blues clubs of that there London town, you probably won't have heard of Cowbell. But their uncomplicated and effortlessly catchy country-tinged blues has already caught the ear of 6 Music's Lauren Laverne so I don't expect them to remain unheard of for much longer.

Cowbell are Jack Sandham on guitar and vocals and Wednesday Lyle on drums; they formed little over a year ago and their debut single 'Oh Girl' is being released by Stovepony Records, the label of Americana/blues club What's Cookin.

Cowbell certainly wear their influences on their sleeves; aside from the English accents, 'Oh Girl' could be a Black Keys song and 60s garage heroes The Sonics are also obviously a big influence. 'Oh Girl' is a really simple and catchy number but the b-side 'Just Want Your Love' is a more interesting and minimalist indie affair and I personally prefer it to the main track . Think of a cheery, bluesier version of Young Marble Giants.

Cowbell are definitely worth a listen, even if it is just to hear blues that isn't depressing and drowning in a bunch of boring clichés.

Katy Ledger

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