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Oberhofer - o0Oo0Oo

by Louise Harlow Rating:7.5 Release Date:2010-08-03

Brad Oberhofer is quite a charming 19-year-old kid, and I like the lo-fi stomp of his pop wares on 'o0Oo0Oo'. Especially the way he sings 'new'. Even the way the drum line is endearingly a half beat behind everyone else. Currently the only thing irritating me is having to type 'o0Oo0Oo' with the demented concentration of a five-year-old half-wit. So (with all due respect to Mr OH) let's just call it 'all the Os' for now.

I realise it's summer and my weak ears are highly susceptible to fuzz-speckled bedroom pop gems who ask to hold your hand and let you go twosies on their ice pole. So my judgement is sun blinded, but regardless, it's Oberhofer's guileless, ballpark vocal delivery (and the brave inclusion of an over-zealous kazoo line) that steers 'all the O's' just the right side of precious into stalwart summer mixtape territory.

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