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Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang

by Leonora Walters Rating:7.5 Release Date:2010-07-11

Mark Ronson literally returns with a 'Bang Bang Bang' with his comeback single, though to describe this record as such would not do justice to the slightly quirky but highly original fusion he has devised. The basis for 'Bang Bang Bang' is French nursery rhyme 'Je Te Plumerai' (I will pluck you), and the opening line of 'Bang Bang Bang' is indeed spoken by a French infant. Some futuristic sounding white noise brings in the electro-poppy base which underpins the rest of song, soon after which New York singer MNDR (Amanda Warner) brings back the nursery rhyme which forms part of the chorus. MNDR's at times slightly girly sounding vocals match the bass perfectly. Rapper Q-Tip should be incongruous but also works well with the poppy bass. His verses, a reflection on deception, alternate well with MNDR's chorus, until she rounds off with the final verse and a double rendition of the chorus.

'Bang Bang Bang' builds on Ronson's great ability to adapt, and to make what should not match up somehow work, but is more original than some of the reworkings on last his album Version. If the rest of the offerings on Record Collection are as good, this will definitely be one of the stand out albums of the year.

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