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Regional Creeps - I'm a Fool

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2019-07-05
Regional Creeps - I'm a Fool
Regional Creeps - I'm a Fool

Barnsley’s Regional Creeps continue their consistently ace run of indie-pop singles with ‘I’m a Fool’. The band has been busy releasing one-a-month since April in the lead up to September’s debut album, Never Gonna Happen.

All the songs have managed to stay under the 3-minute mark, breezy indie-pop being the order of the day. It’s the kind of laid-back indie many aim for but few perfect. You can’t get this kind of vibe if you spend months on end adding countless overdubs and solos. Here’s a song with buckets of simple, refreshing and effortless indie charm.

A slightly darker edge to this one as Zach Duvall and Giannis Kipreos quietly sigh, “On my way to work/ How it brings me down/ I'm a prisoner/ For every afternoon”. Add to this a typically lo-fi and funny video and you’ve got another winner. Day drinking and despair have never sounded so good.

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