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Shit Browne - Electronics

by James Bray Rating:5 Release Date:2010-07-19

Shit Browne, a parisian quintet, aspire to exude the same continental cool and avant-garde kitschness that characterises some of the best of contemporary French music. However, 'Electronics' sounds more like a pastiche of a Daft Punk song. It may be a paen to electro dance music but the overly simplistic keyboard hook isn't enough to hold the tune together. The group have to rely much too much on rock swagger, that swells in generic guitars and fuzzy bass lines, to see them through. Sebi Browne's nonchalant, heavily accented delivery feels slighty affected ('Electronics'... ahhhm, Gin and Tonics?) and the disparity between its rock and electronic sensibilities leaves it feeling rather incoherent. This maybe a contination of the french misconception of rock music; the enduring popularity of Johnny Hallyday in France, serves to illustrate this point.

From electro-pop to indifferent rock music, the songs ends with a sentimental coda, that comes across as a DIY version of Moon Safari-era Air. The song's limited charm comes from this DIY aesthethic; the first listen evoked memories of the casio keyboard/indie guitar theme tune of Channel 4's, low rent, alternative TV programme The Adam and Joe Show; though this is maybe more telling of my frame of reference than of anything else. Shit Browne's bedroom-electronics style, even with all its rock posturing, will only ingratiate up to a certain point. I can't say that I hold much hope for the album.

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