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The Ady Baker Sound - Adralene

by Sean Hewson Rating:7 Release Date:2019-06-28
The Ady Baker Sound - Adralene
The Ady Baker Sound - Adralene

The Ady Baker Sound started out as a bedroom project that was then turned into a four-piece, gigging band. Adralene is their third single.

The song starts out with electronic blips and blobs and a nifty bass line from Jim Dorney. Ady Baker’s high, melodic voice comes in with the drums. It’s a very full arrangement with sampled voices, backing vocals and electronic sounds fleshing out the classic four-piece line-up. The chorus is huge and catchy, as choruses should be. The sound itself is rooted in the 90s with that decade’s love of a smart arrangement, a technological sheen and a banging chorus. They have been described as ‘like Ride meets Death In Vegas’, but Adralene has a bit more of The Charlatans about it, with a pinch of Pop Will Eat Itself at their most pop (will eat itself, cheers).

A promising step on a path that must soon lead to an album - you can tell that this is a band with a load of ideas. Watch this space, or don’t – do what you want.

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